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This dysenteric discourse--which takes place just before a lunch specified as "Grant's gazelle chops, mashed potatoes, green corn, and then mixed fruit for-dessert" (29)--also regales its readers with a bizarre menu of food metaphors, beginning with Kandinsky's Heinz ketchup, moving to "plums in a pudding" and his criticism of the raisin-like "small, dried" (20) Unitarians, taking in writers in New York City, "[a]ll angleworms in a bottle, trying to derive .
Food preparation requires more time than I want to give it, but the alternative is to eat inexpensive, delicious, peppery hot Bengali cuisine in local restaurants until, inevitably, a dysenteric explosion strikes me down.
Polyvinyl alcohol-fixative and adhesive for protozoa in dysenteric stools and other liquid materials.
The recognition of a pre-existing streptococcal infection in acute rheumatic fever (ARF) and a dysenteric infection in Reiter syndrome spawned a new classification of reactive arthritis, and in the case of ARF, identified an effective way to reduce the incidence of ARF through effective treatment of streptococcal infections.
Ampicillin and trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole alleviate the dysenteric syndrome of shigellosis and reduce the infectious period.