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impaired articulatory ability resulting from defects in the peripheral motor nerves or in the speech musculature

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Common symptoms of neuroacanthocytosis include epileptic seizures, dysarthria, and cognitive and psychiatric disorders.
Also noted were flaccid paralysis of the lower extremities (manual muscle testing score 4, dorsal and plantar flexion of the foot; manual muscle testing score 2, flexion and extension of the thighs), dysarthria, peripheral facial paralysis, and gaze-evoked nystagmus.
Key Words: Oral Submucous Fibrosis , Tongue flap, Dysarthria, Dysphagia.
One notable case study discusses delayed neurological deterioration including worsening of dysarthria and ataxia several months after pontine hemorrhage (Menezes Cordeiro, Tavares, Reimao, Geraldes, & Ferro, 2013).
The tumor had compressed the glossopharyngeal, vagus, and hypoglossal nerves, causing neurally mediated syncope, hoarseness, dysphagia, and dysarthria.
In this article we present a case study carried out with a student with dysarthria in the English language classroom.
Hypoglossal nerve palsy (CN-XII) causes swallowing disturbance and masticatory dysfunction, as well as dysarthria and anarthria.
Patients with this syndrome often present with several typical clinical symptoms including gait disturbance, dysarthria, and Parkinson-like tremor.
Although proximal muscle weakness, facial weakness and dysarthria may occur, smooth and cardiac muscles appear to be spared.
Dysarthria was reduced with oro-motor strengthening exercises, and his speech became more understandable.
Three years ago, he had an attack with dysarthria and truncal ataxia, and 2 years ago, he developed apathy.
A neurology consultation reveals quadriparesis, paraparesis, dysarthria, and diplopia on examination, all symptoms associated with central pontine myelinolysis.
A 58-year-old man presented to the emergency department with a one day history of confusion, dysarthria, left hemi-paresis and a headache.