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For Lennox Berkeley was the scion of a powerful, if dynastically split, aristocratic family.
bar]nid house with his own family, slowly incorporating, as it were, its dynastically legitimized royal status, and thus gradually outmaneuvering his peers.
They resonate with Saint-Pathus' Vie et miracles de Saint Louis, interweaving history and hagiography, and through patronage and bequest, associate Charles dynastically with the last Capetians through visual references to Jeanne d'Evreux's book of hours.
Although the economy will always have its ups and downs, our clients think dynastically and plan for the very long term.
Chapter 2 explores the relationship of Hamlet to the Julio-Claudians (the imperial descendants of Julius Caesar)--a relationship signaled by Claudius's name, by multiple references to Caesar, and by allusions to such other dynastically related personages as Marcellus and Nero.
Kim Jong-il leads a regime that is a hybrid of Stalinism and oriental despotism, with power passed dynastically from father to son.
There was always a fairly generous supply of these ladies, more than could possibly be married off dynastically, and for the unmarried the work of conversion became almost a personal crusade and means of redemption.