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a hereditary ruler

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Summary: Guwahati (Assam) [India], December 5 (ANI): Soon after Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi filed nomination papers for the party's top post on Monday, Assam minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said history would judge him as a failed dynast.
Cornering Gandhi over his comments in regard with 'dynasty politics', Irani said none of the incumbent top leaders of the nation are dynasts.
Downplaying Gandhi's comments against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Irani said that it was not surprising rather was expected out of a failed dynast.
In the next election they voted in a dynast in the hope of funds finally flowing in.
A stela carved in red granite depicting 19th Dynast King Ramses II presenting offerings to an ancient Egyptian deity -- Ministry of Antiquities Facebook page CAIRO -- 13 January 2018: A stela of 19th Dynasty King Ramses II was discovered by an Egyptian mission during work carried out at the San Al-Hagar archaeological site in the Sharqiya governorate.
The Gandhi scion even justified the charge of being a dynast saying that the entire nation is running on it and hence, one should not go only after him.
New Delhi: The BJP and Congress were on Tuesday locked in a vitriolic spat over Rahul Gandhi's defence of dynastic politics, with the ruling party calling him a "failed dynast and politician", and questioning the propriety of his criticism of the Modi government on foreign soil.
Political dynast and former presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton may have technically eked out a narrow victory in Nevada over populist underdog Bernie Sanders, but in many ways Sanders' supporters may have more to cheer about than Clinton's.
Second, the Akkadian texts have what might be considered a more positive view of kingship, presenting a "native legitimate dynast who will establish an unquestioned, universal rule" (p.
Makeup dynast NamrataSoniwill share her expertise for brides- to-be so that they look picture-perfect on the most important day of their life.
It was also the first time that the Congress -- which ran a ragged campaign behind fourth-generation dynast Rahul Gandhi as its prime ministerial candidate -- had taken fewer than 100 seats in Parliament.
Every day has a transposition with one letter changed (DYNAST, YEOMAN, ESTUARY, SANDWEEDS, HYDRATES, MYRIAD, and SUDATORY), but only Sunday can change all its letters (MAUNDY, DYNAST, SUDARY, UNEASY, SUNDRY, DAUNTS.
Having won the last five NL East titles in addition to the 2008 World Series title, Philadelphia has become a division dynast and in the off-season, they added Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon.
In Syria, President Bashar Assad's regime holds on and continues in its violent oppression of its own people; in Libya, Muammar Gaddafi still controls half of the country, despite NATO's intervention; in Bahrain, the Sunni dynast managed to stay in power, thanks at least in part to Saudi support; and in Yemen, the confused outcome may herald