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measuring instrument designed to measure power

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The aim of this study was to evaluate body composition and muscle strength in different sports, as well as to establish the correlation between anthropometric and dynamometric parameters of athletes.
The data were collected by performing dynamometric tests using two engines for the same John Deere agricultural tractor (model 6415), equipped with used John Deere diesel cycle engine (model 4045T, series 350), turbocharged with direct injection four cylinder and 4.
Caption: FIGURE 1: Portable two-step wooden staircase and two independent dynamometric platforms were used to perform the kinetic analysis during the stair ascent test.
Electromyographic assessment was conducted simultaneously with dynamometric evaluation and Root Mean Square (RMS) was analyzed.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers from the Institute for Advances Studies in Basic Sciences in Zanjan studied the axial potential of optical tweezers and succeeded in using this device for dynamometric purposes in experiments such as DNA tension and studying the mechanical properties of biocells.
If this study was to be repeated in the future recommended alternative outcome measures may be dynamometric muscle testing, use of a patient activity log and the Goal Attainment Scale, and qualitative interviewing for measurement of participation.
The force being measured by a force sensor of dynamometric electronic cell type, 8 Fig.
Prony Gaspard Clair Francois Marie Riche, baron de Prony (1755-1839), French engineer, inventor of the dynamometric brake (measuring the performance of machines and engines), and the constant level float.
These depend mainly on the type of vehicle, fuel, and speed, and are obtained in laboratory from dynamometric tests performed with standard driving cycles (FTP, I/M 240, ECE R15, EUDC, and others).
5), a SDM-1 dynamometric drill was used combined with ASR instrumentation developed by A.
Involuntary and voluntary regulation of vertical stance was assessed using a computer stabilograph with visual feedback "Stabilan-01" (Russia) and a special dynamometric platform registering oscillations of the overall pressure center.
Relation of anthropometric and dynamometric variables to serious post-operative complications.
Isokinetic dynamometric techniques for spasticity assessment.