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measuring instrument designed to measure power

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So, a dynamometric device for 3D loading has been realized, and is described in the paper.
Thus, when applying dynamometric techniques, one must pay careful attention to proper stabilization and have knowledge of typical SCI compensatory patterns, such as shoulder external rotation during attempts at elbow extension and wrist extension during attempts at finger flexion.
Quantifying muscle tone in spinal cord injury patients using isokinetic dynamometric techniques.
A cable connected the dynamometric pedal to the Vicon system.
An ergonomic dynamometric foot platform for functional assessment in rehabilitation.
According to these data, Jandacka and Vaverka (2009) found similar values of the effect size when they compared velocity data from the Qualysis photogrammetric system and the dynamometric system in a bench press exercise.
3-liter vehicle in a standard I/M240 test cycle (30 tests), performed on a homologated dynamometric facility in Buenos Aires, Argentina (Laboratory for the Control of Vehicular Gaseous Emissions - LCEGV).
5), a SDM-1 dynamometric drill was used combined with ASR instrumentation developed by A.
Relation of anthropometric and dynamometric variables to serious post-operative complications.
All units are provided with a lubrication system, interaction through a cogged belt, micrometric screw with dynamometric key and also a complete set of gauges.