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Synonyms for dynamism

Synonyms for dynamism

any of the various theories or doctrines or philosophical systems that attempt to explain the phenomena of the universe in terms of some immanent force or energy

active strength of body or mind

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the activeness of an energetic personality

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Such protection is even more difficult when the business is conducted across countries and in environments that experience high levels of dynamism (Sampson, 2007; Zacharakis, 1997).
On the economic failures of Marxian socialist economies in the 20th century, Phelps concludes that they were fatally lacking in dynamism, that is, the knowledge necessary to build a modern economy and the fundamental incentives necessary for managers to be entrepreneurial and innovative.
Note, though, that the standard deviations for both states and metro areas steadily decreased over the time period, echoing the national decline in business dynamism.
In that regard, the theme of resilient dynamism at the WEF gathering is very appropriate.
In the same report, Tunisia was ranked 58th in economic growth and dynamism and came 60th as best destination for quality of life.
Indeed, continues this writer, illegal immigrants, overwhelmingly from Mexico, provide "a helpful prop for sustaining American economic growth and cultural dynamism.
He saw the dynamism and variability in objects that many of us would regard as generic: lilies and water.
Quebec City, QC -- A group of concerned Quebecers led by former premier Lucien Bouchard has warned that "unless there is a sudden upturn in the birth rate--which is unlikely--it will take exceptional dynamism for Quebec to maintain its place on the continent.
MP3 players, notebooks and PDAs which incorporate the latest Japanese technology are available in the UK for the holiday season according to Dynamism.
The hand not only evokes a sense of protection for residents, but the gentle curve also offers a soft counterpoint to the tower's linear and vertical dynamism.
There was also, from time to time, a lack of effective dynamism that keeps the episodes moving forward, holding us captivated in the suspense of the scene.
Most of the welfare reform efforts have been driven by a dynamism from within the private sector, heralding consumer choice over state control.
The elements of likeability and dynamism are relatively close proximity (between 2 and 6 feet), positive facial expressions and micro-expressions, leaning toward others, a parallel orientation, moderate physical contact (as appropriate for the situation), eye contact about half the time, a moderate amount of gesturing (particularly to help the listener understand), a voice that is relaxed, not nasal or monotonic but vocally animated, and the absence of adapters.
Over the long haul, one needs to recognize that persistent optimism, the signature characteristic of American entrepreneurs, provides the dynamism that delivers growth for the U.
Analysis results of data collected from Turkish machine and equipment manufacturing industry reveal that market dynamism increases top managers' tolerance for employees' risk taking behavior which in return increases firm's financial performance in dynamic markets.