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Synonyms for dynamism

Synonyms for dynamism

any of the various theories or doctrines or philosophical systems that attempt to explain the phenomena of the universe in terms of some immanent force or energy

active strength of body or mind

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the activeness of an energetic personality

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On the economic failures of Marxian socialist economies in the 20th century, Phelps concludes that they were fatally lacking in dynamism, that is, the knowledge necessary to build a modern economy and the fundamental incentives necessary for managers to be entrepreneurial and innovative.
Note, though, that the standard deviations for both states and metro areas steadily decreased over the time period, echoing the national decline in business dynamism.
Since FlipStart is designed for the discerning, highly mobile professional, we feel that Dynamism is an excellent fit.
The Sanyo Xacti C5 5-megapixel digital camera with digital camcorder option and the tiny Panasonic Lumix FX9 6-megapixel digital camera are also available through Dynamism.
The new logo reflects the company's dynamism, openness, innovation and growth.
Most of the welfare reform efforts have been driven by a dynamism from within the private sector, heralding consumer choice over state control.
The elements of likeability and dynamism are relatively close proximity (between 2 and 6 feet), positive facial expressions and micro-expressions, leaning toward others, a parallel orientation, moderate physical contact (as appropriate for the situation), eye contact about half the time, a moderate amount of gesturing (particularly to help the listener understand), a voice that is relaxed, not nasal or monotonic but vocally animated, and the absence of adapters.
Over the long haul, one needs to recognize that persistent optimism, the signature characteristic of American entrepreneurs, provides the dynamism that delivers growth for the U.
Analysis results of data collected from Turkish machine and equipment manufacturing industry reveal that market dynamism increases top managers' tolerance for employees' risk taking behavior which in return increases firm's financial performance in dynamic markets.
Black Burlesque communicates something of that dynamism to the audience.
We also consider the moderating role of dynamism on strategy process performance relationships where a greater participation of organization members is required.
This country has to make a choice between free and lightly-regulated labour markets, low taxes, economic dynamism and strong job creation on the one hand, and intrusive and heavily-regulated labour markets, high taxes, economic stagnation and weak job creation, on the other hand.
A nucleus contextual cause is a dynamism which manifests itself at two levels: first is at the social level, which causes certain unrest and stirring within the society as if the whole structure of the society is re-shaping itself and thus every social institution is affected by this dynamism; but most importantly, the political and educational institutions are re-organized as a result of this unrest; second is at the level of learning and it is this dynamism which causes a lively exchange of ideas on scientific and intellectual subjects among the learned of the community.
This memoir is haunting both in the sadness of its story and the dynamism of its individuals.
A recent central bank report states, "In terms of economic activity it is important to note the increased dynamism in GDP for the non-oil sector, which registered an increase of 3.