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the branch of mechanics concerned with the forces that cause motions of bodies


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Last year a five-member team of dynamicists, led by David Nesvorny (Southwest Research Institute) decided to tackle the zodiacal light's origin from first principles.
The book will aid sedimentologists and sediment dynamicists in their selection of the best approaches for the interpretation of sediment transport rates and directions.
In general, those who support the IAU's decision belong to a group of scientists called dynamicists, Sykes says.
Nonlinear dynamicists at SSC San Diego and its collaborators are exploring additional applications by studying the cells, nervous systems and brains of living organisms.
South African specialist engineers, fluid dynamicists and composite structure experts are joining computer software designers from the country's aerospace industry in the design team led by British naval architect Jason Ker.
Should seasonal variations be verified by future observations or by reanalysis of past observations, that will send the atmospheric dynamicists into a tizzy trying to explain how it could possibly be," notes Heidi B.
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