dynamical system

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(physics) a phase space together with a transformation of that space

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which is a potential dynamical system of order two.
then the error dynamical system between the drive system (6) and the response system (7) is
It is possible to explicitly define some sets that are invariant with respect to the flow of the dynamical system.
It makes use of the idea of invariant quantities in dynamical systems.
The author's focus on continuous evolutionary models of the deterministic variety means that, with the exception of some cursory discussion of the consequences of switching from continuous to discrete formulations of dynamical systems, these modelling issues do not get addressed.
17] The dynamical system is said to be globally exponentially stable with degree [eta] at [u.
By taking a close look at the physics equations that originally captured his attention, Alexander came to realize that the corresponding dynamical system apparently has three attractors.
PISRS International Conference on Analysis, Fractal Geometry, Dynamical Systems and Economics (2011: Sicily, Italy) AMS Special Session on Fractal Geometry in Pure and Applied Mathematics: In Memory of Benoit Mandelbrot (2012: Boston, MA) AMS Special Sessin on Geometry and Analysis on Fractal Spaces (2012: Honolulu, Hawaii) Ed.
Visual Elements: In addition to a large number of illustrations and graphs within the text, physical representations of dynamical systems and interactive animations available in WileyPLUS provide students with a strong visual component to the subject.
Indeed, the course of so-called chaotic dynamical systems depends so sensitively on initial conditions that a prediction's accuracy is strictly limited by the amount of information available.
Analytical study of a dynamical system prompted graphical representations to support our results.
Bak and his colleagues contend that a complex dynamical system can naturally evolve into what they call a self-organized critical state, which is far from equilibrium and barely stable.
Among many applications, we remark the potential for significantly improved understanding of large distributed networks (both technological and biological), as well as dynamical system based models for qualitative computing, learning and pattern recognition.
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