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Synonyms for dynamical

Synonyms for dynamical

characterized by action or forcefulness or force of personality


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Chapter S7: (expanded) Dynamical processes for descriptive ocean circulation
Here [upsilon](r, t) is the velocity field describing the dynamical space at a classical field level, and the coordinates r give the relative location of [psi](r, t) and [upsilon](r, t), relative to a Euclidean embedding space, also used by an observer to locate structures.
In [MS], we observe that combinatorial zeta functions whose determinant expressions are of the form 1/det(I-A) should be constructed as Ruelle zeta functions [R] for essentially finite dynamical systems defined for finite digraphs.
The dynamical space quantum detectors, which use reverse biased Zener Diodes, Fig.
In Section 2 we collect some notions and facts from the theory of dynamical systems (semigroup dynamical system, cocycle, full trajectory, non-autonomous dynamical system, compact global attractor) used in our paper.
Then, in the case of dynamical models of the whole drive system obtained, the authors determine the controlling force applied on the system that counteracts the oscillation-inducing dynamical loads active synthesis [3, 4, 6, 8].
A dynamical system defines a continuous flow in the state space.
The solution describes a rotating, stationary (time-independent) black hole and it is thought that it also describes the final evolutionary stage of any dynamical (time-dependent) black hole.
The goal of this contribution is to complete information on field of the spiroid gear static loading and of torque size influence on its efficiency within formation of various type of friction, measured by dynamical dynamometer.
The "9th Dynamical Systems Workshop" supported by the Turkish Mathematical Society Ankara Branch and Izmir University was held in the Department of Mathematics at Izmir University in Turkey during June 18-20, 2009.
Devoted to the study of the classical and quantum dynamics of physics theories where the Lagrangian exhibits local (gauge) symmetries, the purpose of this text is to both introduce this field of constrained dynamical systems and provide tools for quantizing such systems.
This dynamical system is conservative with the Hamiltonian being given by H(v) = 1/2g(v,v) - f(p).
Uncertain Dynamical Systems: Stability and Control (Russian), Phoenix, Kiev, 2009, XIV +304 pp.
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