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Synonyms for friction

Synonyms for friction

Synonyms for friction

a state of conflict between persons


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the resistance encountered when one body is moved in contact with another

effort expended in moving one object over another with pressure

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The CT meter and dynamic friction tester were provided for use by Burns, Cooley, Dennis, Inc.
The weight that allowed the unwinding of the pulley on its own similarly allowed calculation of the coefficient of dynamic friction.
5 are presented dynamic friction values for rigid PVC sheets held in contact for 32 days with flexible PVC systems.
Lowest friction: The lowest coefficient of static and dynamic friction of any solid is 0.
also reported that friction changes depending on the sliding speed, that is, the dynamic friction increases in a low speed region as the speed increases, and it decreases in a high-speed region, and they provided fascinating explanation of the surface friction and dynamic mechanism of polymers (38).
41) Determination of dynamic friction characteristics during braking and the consequence for performance prediction.
Later this year a new generation of Ray-Ran Dedicated Microprocessor Systems will be released to enhance the current product range, these include the MFI, Advanced Static & Dynamic Friction Tester, Advanced Pendulum Impact Tester and 6 Station Advanced HDT Nicat apparatus.
All the results of the sled static and dynamic friction are reported as the averages of 10 measurements conducted at room temperature, 25[degrees]C.
Previous research showed that solids conveying depends mainly on the coefficients of dynamic friction and the solid bulk density of the resin (2-4) for specified screw geometry and processing conditions.
Figure 5 shows the dynamic friction of LDPE hybrids against steel as the sliding surface.
Thus, except for very small rpm values, we are dealing with dynamic friction.
The slope change in the transition regime between the static or partial slip and dynamic friction or gross slip corresponds to the second phase.
The tests were operated using the Zwick test software, testXpert, which enabled automatic data recording and the calculation of both the static and the dynamic friction forces.
Recent research has shown that the coefficient of dynamic friction is a controlling factor for stable extrusion of PVDC pellets (3).
In a plasticating extruder, the coefficient of dynamic friction is in many cases the controlling factor for solids conveying, pressure generation, thermal decomposition of the resin, and flow surging at the die.
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