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Synonyms for dike

(slang) offensive term for a lesbian who is noticeably masculine

a barrier constructed to contain the flow of water or to keep out the sea


Related Words

enclose with a dike

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The spring/early summer drill program will also target the area between the Main Dyke and the Northeast Dykes (Figure 2 - Target 2).
BEIRUT: A man accused of murdering British diplomat Rebecca Dykes in December admitted to charges brought against him during a court session before an investigative judge Wednesday, a judicial source told The Daily Star.
Khursheed Shah said this during a meeting with a delegation of representatives of those living on the dykes of off-taking canals of Sukkur Barrage at Commissioner House Sukkur.
While the felsic dykes are apparently related to the granite, the mutual relations between the granite, mafic and rhyolite sheets are yet to be deciphered, but the rhyolites may represent melts derived from the crust through underplating by mafic magma.
June 18, 2015(BOR) - The government of South Sudan's Jonglei state has released SSP 210,000 for dyke rehabilitation in Twic East county.
39]Ar sur roche totale de ce dyke et d'autres dykes lies de la meme region s'approchent des 201 Ma, ce qui correspond a lage d'autres dykes de lere Mesozoique precoce et du basalte de la province magmatique centre atlantique (PMCA).
Dykes had been keeping the boy, Ethan, in a storm shelter since last Tuesday after abducting him from a school bus and shooting dead the driver.
Dykes, 65, shot schoolbus driver Chuck Poland last week after Poland tried to stop Dykes from carrying out his threat of killing all the children in the vehicle, police said.
Ready to head back to the United States, Dykes moved to San Francisco.
Dykes won one, halved one and lost one of his three singles.
Attached is a photo of some of the 2006 organizing members of the San Francisco (emphasis added) Dykes on Bikes Women's Motorcycle Contingent.
Dykes on Bikes have attempted to patent their name three years in a row now, and have been denied every time.
Not only is nickel produced here, but platinum group metals have been found in the footwalls and dykes of the Sudbury Igneous Complex.
Reviewed by Antoinette Dykes Antoinette Dykes is the food and living editor for The Harlem Times in New York City and a freelance writer.
Dans le cadre de cette illustration, je presente une synthese des donnees disponibles concernant deux reseaux de dykes, soit les reseaux de Matachewan et de Kaminak de 2,45 Ga, respectivement, et propose une nouvelle reconstitution Superieur-Hearne dans le super-craton Superia.