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Synonyms for dyke

Synonyms for dyke

(slang) offensive term for a lesbian who is noticeably masculine

a barrier constructed to contain the flow of water or to keep out the sea


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enclose with a dike

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A Downing Street spokesman said: "Mr Dyke is entitled to his opinion.
In any process that is steady-state, fuzzy logic might not hurt but would be unnecessary," says Syscon's Dyke.
Van Dyke is that because of the obsessively meticulous work of the editor, we have the commentary and background information that place Van Dyke's activities and accomplishments, that reveal his secrets, that illuminate his rhetorical artifices.
Mr Hague will meet Mr Dyke and Sir Colin Bland, chairman of the BBC's board of governors, tomorrow for a heart-to-heart talk.
After this rehabilitation, we are hopeful that the dyke will not be broken", added Akoi.
Van Dyke, a 38-year-old longtime local resident, said he came forward to provide the public with more information about the incident and to thank the other people who tried to intervene, most of whose names he doesn't know.
When asked if he felt Hodgson would remain in his job until the end of his contract at the 2016 European Championships, Dyke added: "That is the view of myself, of everybody else here (in Brazil) and of others in the FA.
Offa's Dyke is the longest linear earthwork in the UK and one of the longest in Europe.
Mr Hirst remembered leaving a taKe-away after telling DyKe, who was inside with his twin brother, that he was acting liKe a child, then nothing until waKing up on a stretcher.
The Christmas Cove Dyke of coastal Maine is a large intrusion of quartz tholeiite that extends between Early Mesozoic riff basins in New England and Atlantic Canada, and as we will show, appears to be co-magmatic with their Late Triassic flood basalts.
Four days after stating "nobody, realistically" expects England to win in Brazil next summer, Dyke stayed behind in London as the squad flew to Kiev last night.
In a lengthy and wide-ranging speech at a launch for journalists hosted by national team sponsors Vauxhall at Millbank Tower, Dyke laid out his vision for the future.
Van Dyke said: "It (the car) just started making a noise.
The FA board has unanimously approved the nomination of Dyke, 65, to succeed David Bernstein when he leaves the post in July.
Speaking at the University of York, Mr Dyke said he believed the UK could support a network of up to 80 stations with running costs of pounds 500,000 each year.