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any wood from which dye is obtained

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Its cargo included Indian dyewood - a tree now extinct.
Felons in this city could choose between being sent to a filthy jail, being given a beating or being made to undertake the dirty and monotonous labour of rasping red dyewood.
5A Shrewsbury draper: Finished flannel cloth sent for dyeing: red dyewood (powdered, previously boiled with gall- nuts), alum and other mordants [to 'fix' dye], pewter vat, mineral coal, well-water, pump.
22 Which major country at first named Vera Cruz took its modern name from a valuable red dyewood that grows there?
Between the 1620s and 30s, for example, Lopo Ramires, a leading Jewish merchant in Amsterdam, regularly remitted sugar, diamonds, dyewoods and spices from Lisbon to his brother, Duarte Nunes da Costa, who resided in Florence, using vessels chartered at Lisbon or Livorno.