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any wood from which dye is obtained

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The amount of dyewood recovered and the smaller size of the billets seem to indicate that the vessel did not need as much paying ballast as the Svecia.
Campeche became prosperous from the exports of native dyewood (palo de tinte), used in a young textile industry in Europe, plus precious hardwoods, salt, gum Arabic (chicle) and sisal (henequen).
Its cargo included Indian dyewood - a tree now extinct.
The same source alleged that there were additional quantities of cotton, coffee, hides, dyewood and pepper also awaiting exportation in the Factoria, at five warehouses which O'Daly had rented out in the city, and in depots in San German, Aguadilla and Quinonez.
Its uses include wheels, archery bows, insulator pins, sucker-rod guides, dyewood, turnings and decorative novelties.
Magistrates in Sutiaba and Nicaragua profited by acquiring and exporting some of the dyewood produced locally.
One notes also that in Williams' list of the top twenty timber importers in 1850, while many did import dyewood, none imported mahogany.