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someone whose job is to dye cloth

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Dyer took command of Task Force 95, the United Nations (UN) Blockading and Escort Force, in June 1951, after ending a tour as the deputy commandant of the National War College in Washington, DC.
As many of the prisoners had been jailed for being suspected Bolsheviks, Dyer set out to separate the diehard ones from the others.
They say Dyer changed his bloodstained clothes, which were bundled together with the eight-inch knife and put in a neighbour's garden, and fled his home.
Bush, an aircraft carrier and author Geoff Dyer is a cavilling landlubber, a Woody Allen-type thrown into an ultra-muscular carrier world.
Prosecutor Simon Mintz said just after midnight Dyer was seen in an altercation with a female supervisor and Dyer warned if she "disrespected" him he would get a glass and smash it over her.
William Howard Dyer, 57, of Coedylan Road, Pontypridd, denied the offence but was found guilty by a jury at Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court.
Paul A Dyer appealed to the Supreme Court of Maine from a judgment entered in the business and consumer docket revoking Dyer's licenses and ordering him to pay civil penalties and restitution for violations of the Maine Insurance Code in Dyer v.
ated by Bridal BRIDESMAIDS/PA of honour Nicola B Louise Dyer, six an Dyer, one.
MICHAEL LAUDRUP claimed he was to blame for the penalty row between Nathan Dyer and Jonathan de Guzman.
Amelia Elizabeth Dyer, born in 1829 at Bristol, killed about 400 babies -- mostly the illegitimate infants -- between 1880 and 1896.
com)-- Dick Dyer Toyota understands that it is important to think of others during the holiday season, helping out those who can't help themselves.
Geoff Dyer, Zona: A Book About a Film About a Journey to a Room (Pantheon books, 2012)
Dyer once worked several years for Big D Markets and also for The Mart.
Nigel Patrick Dyer, 53, stepped into the path of a 40-tonne lorry, after being investigated by police, an inquest heard yesterday.
Geoff Dyer (author); OTHERWISE KNOWN AS THE HUMAN CONDITION; Graywolf Press (Nonfiction: Literary Collections, Nonfiction: Literary Collections) $24.