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Synonyms for dye

Synonyms for dye

something that imparts color

to impart color to

to immerse in a coloring solution


Synonyms for dye

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This newly developed analytical method for dye extraction and detection in PBW moth was further tested for its reliability and sensitivity by analyzing moths reared on diets with different levels of red dye.
In the '90s, a number of craft NGOs and private organizations in the region started working on the development and commercial production of natural dye textiles with Aranya, a Bangladeshi fair-trade enterprise that was at the forefront of the revival movement (figure 8).
BG dye and nitric acid was purchased from Merck Company and Sigma Aldrich, respectively.
At regular intervals of time, samples were drawn, centrifuged using a REMI laboratory centrifuge, and the dye concentration was analysed by spectro-photometric analysis (APHA, 1980) using a UV-Vis Spectrophotometer (Elico-BL 198) at 600 nm.
For instance, a linen dress I was hoping to dye a deep brown with black walnut turned into a beautiful yellow-copper instead.
Dye powder (4g) was added in 100ml water (4%) for the preparation of dye extract liquor.
Dyes made "in its original place" combined with solvent can ultimately give better storage capacity.
A simple titrimetric method for the estimation of reactive dye fixation on cellulosic fabrics.
Last spring, Green's students made natural dye swatch books with squares of cloths, from linen and rayon to cotton, silk, nylon and wool.
Keeping in view the above discussion a series of optimization were planned with the objectives to optimize the environmental conditions for maximum phycoremediation of azo dye and find out additional use of N and P for the higher efficiency of phycoremediation.
Some of the major companies operating in the dye sensitized cell market are Dyesol, Ltd.
If wood is immersed in a dye solution for extended periods of time during the dyeing process, pressure gradients cannot be created within the wood.
Think about the difference between an individual applying dye by hand to a few skeins at a time, using multiple colors, and a machine dyeing many pounds of yarn in one batch, using only one color.
Historically, indigo dye methods have never been particularly efficient: Indigo is insoluble in water, requiring the addition of salts in the dye bath--and even then, it binds poorly to cotton, meaning it usually takes several rounds of dyeing followed by oxidation to achieve a deep color.
Toxic chemicals in the dye can pose health and safety issues to the dogs.