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Synonyms for dyarchy

a form of government having two joint rulers

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See Kalhan, supra note 12, at 100-05 (identifying and conceptualizing patterns of extraconstitutional change in Pakistan); Mohammad Waseem, Constitutionalism in Pakistan: The Changing Patterns of Dyarchy, 53 DIOGENES 102, 109 (2006) (arguing that military regimes in Pakistan understand themselves to act "in transitional terms," to facilitate "change[s] in the constitutional edifice according to [their] own preferences and priorities").
See Mahmud, supra note 20, at 1284-85 (discussing the extensive presidential powers conferred by the Eighth Amendment); Mohammad Waseem, Pakistan's Lingering Crisis of Dyarchy, 32 ASIAN SURV.
Heesterman (the "conundrum" of kingship and the brahman-king dyarchy in classical Sanskrit texts), Ronald Inden (the cyclic alternation between the king's ritual and political sovereignty according to early "medieval" Sanskrit texts, especially the Visnudharmottarapurana), Toshikazu Arai (the contrast between Jaina and Hindu kingship in Merutunga's fourteenth-century Jaina Prabandhacintamani), Burton Stein (the Pallavas' adoption of the Jaina ideal of the moral king as opposed to the warrior king of the Tamil puram poetry), Brenda E.
This brief interlude of some promise was also peremptorily ended and superseded by a dyarchy of acute dimensions.
Manmohan Singh is a bureaucrat assigned a political job because of the dyarchy that exists in this government.