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The kappa coefficient obtained between Raters 1 and 3 across three sessions of Dyad C was .
With a few exceptions, students lived in the same community as the dyad whom they had recruited to participate.
Likewise, the intervention appears to show strong control over the duration of Kainoa's dyad play and group play, as evidenced by systematic changes (typically increases) that occurred in conjunction with the precise days when changes in intervention phases were instituted.
After completing the time-series regression analyses, a special meta-analytic procedure was used to determine, treating each dyad as a separate experiment, whether the groups of friends and acquaintances each exhibited, in general, significant degrees of coordination with the prior temporal behaviors of their partners.
If the emphasis is placed upon the dyad, however, the result may easily become descriptive rather than prescriptive.
The DYAD AVS cam system produces 85-percent letoff and offers draw lengths from 25-30 inches, in half-inch increments, through a series of modules.
Of the total of 70 dyads of full sibs with known geographic locations, individuals within a dyad were separated by a mean distance of 7.
The Table shows the distribution of MLST STs and ompA genotypes for each dyad with SNP location(s), if present, for each of the 7 MLST housekeeping genes.
The nature of triadic relationships is different from the typical dyad used in management of integrated health systems and different from that of the typical small team approach.
1-3) Systematic reviews have identified several factors that predict whether a mother-infant dyad initiates breastfeeding: socio-economic status, maternal age, employment, prenatal intentions, breastfeeding self-efficacy and hospital practices.
com/2014/06/14/orphan-black-creator-john-fawcett-penultimate-episode/) Entertainment Weekly , "It seems to me from all the conversations that Kira is very important to Dyad, from a biological point of view.
For instance, Nikulin says that the Indefinite Dyad is the material principle of all reality, but is neither the receptacle of the Timaeus nor
In a socio-rhetorical study of the Johannine Thomas, Sylva (New Testament, Nashotah House Theological Seminary, Wisconsin) argues that John's repetition of Thomas' epithet as a twin is of a piece with Thomas being a literary dyad in this gospel.
As time spent in supervision lengthens, the supervisory alliance and overall experience of supervision is typically viewed more positively, possibly due to the fact that increased supervisor self-disclosure translates into greater agreement within the supervisory dyad about the objectives and tasks of supervision (Ladany & Lehrman-Waterman, 1999; Livni, Crowe, & Gonsalvez, 2012).
In this research, I use the term dyad to denote the pair of candidates because the clinical practice centers on the collaboration between the two candidates rather than on the dynamics between the candidates, cooperating teacher, and supervisor.