dwindling away

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a becoming gradually less

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My pre-Bodywatch low self-esteem is slowly but surely dwindling away - along with my weight
The oil prices have been dwindling away amid growing concerns over the security situations in Iraq and different parts of the Middle East.
With their uncomprehending stares and zest for the life that is dwindling away, both suggest a kind of madness.
Phelan's career appeared in danger of dwindling away last season when he became an outcast at Everton.
If this goes on for long enough, plants in patches of rain forest may find their population sizes dwindling away, perhaps ultimately leading to extinction.
Boro's season is again dwindling away to nothing for a third consecutive year.
SAN DIEGO -- Just over ten years ago, Sovietski Collection, catalog purveyors of treasures from the Cold War, began importing historical collectibles, vintage artifacts and military surplus from Russia, Eastern Europe and beyond, but today they're dwindling away.
The political clout and federal add-ons that helped nursing homes skate through the recent years of budgetary tightness are dwindling away or long gone, as states show favor to home-based long-term care and the other major state budgetary obligation, education.
Continuing to play at other people's grounds would have seen the money we made on the sale of Station Park dwindling away.
McLean is loving life in Asia and told MailSport: "Scottish football is dwindling away.
The yellow metal is forecast to continue dwindling away due to the continuing strength of US shares and flight of fluidity to high-reward investments, even though the current prices are viewed as a good opportunity for purchasing, the report added.
Surely there is someone controlling the purse strings at the council that is conscious of it dwindling away and will have read this story and will have seen it like the public has - a waste of money.
Ben Elton and Alexa Chung true their attention to the modern world's obsession with size, asking why many actresses seem in danger of dwindling away to nothing.
If only our church leaders would concentrate on leading their flocks instead of propagating ill-founded anti-private sector fads, they would not appear so foolish and our church would not be dwindling away into irrelevance.
Ben Elton and Alexa Chung turn their attention to the modern world's obsession with size, asking why things like chocolate bars appear to be getting bigger, while many actresses are shrinking, and seem in danger of dwindling away to nothing.