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Synonyms for dwindling

a becoming gradually less

gradually decreasing until little remains

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His complexion was of a dead pallor, which was more startling by contrast with a long, dwindling beard of vivid red, which flowed down over his white waistcoat with his watch-chain gleaming through its fringe.
They had lost any idea of making textiles, they could hardly make up clothes when they had material, and they were forced to plunder the continually dwindling supplies of the ruins about them for cover.
The good old Scotchman shook his head, scratched his dwindling fringe of ruddy fluff, and finally put his reluctance into words.
For me the life, and light, and sparkle of human intercourse were dwindling.
Though it has not yet finally disappeared, it is dwindling daily.
When we stopped to breathe, and I had time to see all about me, the clearness and sweetness of the night, the shapes of the hills like things asleep, and the fire dwindling away behind us, like a bright spot in the midst of the moor, anger would come upon me in a clap that I must still drag myself in agony and eat the dust like a worm.
But, in spite of Rawdon's undoubted skill and constant successes, it became evident to Rebecca, considering these things, that their position was but a precarious one, and that, even although they paid scarcely anybody, their little capital would end one day by dwindling into zero.
The sun rose and sank, and rose and sank again, and many times after that; and still the boy lay stretched on his uneasy bed, dwindling away beneath the dry and wasting heat of fever.
Separated by culture and genetics, the dwindling band of minor CBS television celebrities featured on the Borneo island of Pulau Tiga do share one major goal with Dr.
The Mighty Ducks, whose popularity in throughout Southern California is dwindling with each sub-par effort, needed to make a statement against the Boston Bruins on Wednesday night.
Excerpt from the article: "The dwindling numbers of leatherback turtles are signaling a threat to bio-diversity in the oceans.
But the ravages of time and damage from the Northridge Earthquake split plaster on walls, cracked paint work, exposed turn-of-the-the century lathing and caused disquiet among the dwindling congregation that lacked the resources to fix it up.
According to an article in the June property/casualty edition of Best's Review, some reinsurers are seeking to diversify their portfolios, while others are snatching the dwindling opportunities for growth in a capital-saturated market.
The conservancy is charged with preserving the dwindling areas of undeveloped land and natural habitats amid the ``encroaching urban sprawl'' of Los Angeles, said Schiff, who wrote the bill.
Suzuki filed suit against Consumers Union, the publisher of Consumer Reports, on April 11, 1996, for defamation, product disparagement, and violations of the Business and Professions Code after Consumers Union again called out the Suzuki Samurai for criticism and boasted in its anniversary issue in 1996 of CU's responsibility for the Samurai's dwindling sales.