dwindle down

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become smaller or lose substance

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Taft led by 16 points with sevenminutes remaining but saw the lead dwindle down to six points before Williams restored order with his 3.
She has intentionally let the enrollment dwindle down to only a few children.
Some of the Sunday op-ed columnists will reportedly remain on board, but they probably will dwindle down to a precious few and disappear along about September, or maybe December.
We have seen the Big Eight dwindle down to the Big Five due to consolidations; with Andersen gone, we have been down to the Big Four.
Still only 30-years-old, Barmby could have sat tight at Leeds United, waited for his contract to dwindle down and continued to pick up his considerable wage.
In reply, Bulkington lost Barnett to a mistimed early on but the villagers fought back well with Brookes in top form but just like the opposition as the overs began to dwindle down the batting side came under pressure.
OTC: MRCHQ) is every investor's nightmare--having the price of a stock you own dwindle down to zero.
3% year-over-year) was server related and that business continues to dwindle down to nothing.
Since that day, Six Nations has seen that one million acres of land dwindle down to about five per cent of the original deed.
As a result, many programs with good potential fail or eventually dwindle down because they have not been truly accepted by employees.
The days grow long this time of year, but for the article contest, they dwindle down.
We were faced with the decision of whether we would continue in the printing business, dwindle down, or sell," DeJong explained.
Rey Nambatac led a furious rally which saw the Hawkeyes' 21-point lead dwindle down to just five with ta little over two minutes left to play.
The Heat led by 13 points at the half and saw their lead balloon to as much as 17 points in the middle of the third quarter only to watch it dwindle down and the Cavs take a one point lead at the start of the fourth.
The Trail Blazers (22-4) held a 12-point lead in the fourth quarter, then saw it dwindle down to the final margin.