dwindle away

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Synonyms for dwindle away

become smaller or lose substance

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Bread, water and tea, I figured, would be the last things on Earth to dwindle away.
They saw a 26-8 lead dwindle away and in the end had to thank Bowdon for a late missed conversion which would have tipped the balance.
The couple hope when farming subsidies eventually dwindle away the idea will save the farm.
We can't keep doing the same thing week after week or the coverage will dwindle away.
For forty years, Appelfeld, himself deported to the camps when he was only eight, has confronted its forbidding obscenity, but indirectly--tales of family members whose relatives did not survive, of those whose idyllic days dwindle away even as the catastrophe relentlessly approaches, or of those haunted by their fortunate survival.
One such stock market victim recently noted, "I've watched my retirement dwindle away over the past year.
If we don't move quickly, that asset will dwindle away,'' Runner said.
LoRe continued, "We have worked for 55 years to build this company into an internationally known brand, we're not going to let it dwindle away.
We had a couple of situations where we could have done that and you soon see those two minutes dwindle away.
On the current oil prices, the Kuwaiti minister said: "We have learnt from experiments that we should not count on continuing prices, especially as the supply and demand balance always goes through critical times when oil prices dwindle away.
The Rams saw their playoffs chances dwindle away after a five game winless streak in the middle of the season, but have won four of their last five games.
But the law allows treatments and food to be withdrawn, with consent, so that the lives of terminally ill patients dwindle away.
One result is the centralisation of services that so incenses those who fear Bishop Auckland Hospital's role will dwindle away until complete closure becomes a serious option.
The competition is a get-rich-quick scheme and the Clydebank lightweight needs money in a hurry after spending 14 months in the wilderness, watching his earnings from boxing dwindle away.