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And when the summer days start to dwindle, head to Laguna to savor its sublimely beautiful beaches and take in the California premiere of the sublimely beautiful pop-gospel-bluegrass musical ``Violet'' (a 1997 New York Drama Critics Award winner) at the Laguna Playhouse.
As the cortex takes shape, the subplate gradually degenerates and receptor numbers dwindle.
Though grazing land indeed releases large amounts of trace gases after clearcutting, these emissions dwindle to levels below those of forest soil about 10 years later, says Michael Keller.
carinii pneumonia when these immune-system cells dwindle to that level.
Legislation in 1990 banned the sport hunting of California mountain lions, whose population had begun to dwindle in the 1980s.
Summary: Berlin, June 03, 2010, SPA -- Germany is to retire six of its Type 206A submarines in order to save money as its defence budget dwindles, dpa cited a spokesman as saying in the Baltic naval port of Gluecksburg today.
It grows, it dwindles, it seduces, it encircles, it juts, it expands, it challenges--all with an astounding momentum.
The fact remains, however, that as the number of cars built via this method dwindles, the cost of producing a relatively low volume line of body-on-frame passenger cars increases.
While the supply of engineers dwindles, the number of products each engineer is responsible for will continue to grow, RuleStream's research shows.