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And in these places uncovered and transformed in the center of our urban terrain, we must, as the ancients did, cease and pause for breath after we have constructed our reciprocal dwelling places on earth in genuine gratitude for the beauty that has been bestowed upon us.
It may have also affected their ability to repair or cope with damage to their dwelling places, thereby exacerbating the problem.
Spanish mystic Teresa of Avila (1515-82) in her masterwork The Interior Castle likens the soul to a castle with seven dwelling places, each of which represents a certain stage of the spiritual journey.
The security forces also defused 10 IEDs and seized arms & munitions," the statement added, noting about 75 relocated families returned to their original dwelling places in Baghdad.
Atta praised "full" cooperation between the Madaen residents and security agencies, noting the Baghdad Operations Command would continue efforts to bring displaced families back to their original dwelling places in Baghdad.
3 (VOI) -- Some 454 displaced families have returned to their original dwelling places in different areas of the Iraqi capital Baghdad's al-Karkh intersection during the past couple of months, according to the Baghdad Operations Command (BOC).
dwellr mobile app - The newest app from the Census Bureau allows people to compare their preferences to find 25 "ideal" dwelling places, based on statistics from the American Community Survey.
Through dreams, through memories, "the various dwelling places in our lives co-penetrate and retain the treasures of former days" (5).
Prestige schemes such as Brindleyplace, the Mailbox, and Arena Central will herald a dramatic expansion in city centre dwelling places, with 10,000 people expected to be living within one square mile of Victoria Square by 2005.
They mostly work from their dwelling places and use their spare time in khadi activity to supplement their family income.
Temples were regarded as dwelling places where gods and human beings could commune with one another.