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To erect 98 dwelling houses and carry out associated works.
2011) Assessment of the indoor environment of dwelling houses by applying the CQPRAS-G method: Lithuania case study, Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, 10(5), pp.
But Judge Gerald Clifton said: "You are a persistent burglar of dwelling houses.
Jailing Nicholson, Judge Richard Griffith-Jones told him: "You seem to resort to the burglary of dwelling houses so easily.
The Finance Act 2004 allows landlords to claim a deduction for the cost of installing cavity wall and loft insulation in dwelling houses against the rental income.
The premises are situated at the rear of the dwelling houses and consist of half a dozen rooms used as studios.
Dwelling Houses Located In Larchville, Waterford And Subsequently To Set Up An Additional Panel Of Suitability Qualified Structural Engineers To Work On Larger Housing Related Projects Throughout The County Of Waterford, Where The Value Of The Construction Element Is In The Range Of 500,000 Up To 3,500,000 Excluding Vat.
Pleaded guilty to conspiracy to burgle dwelling houses and commercial properties and a public order offence.
To erect 34 dwelling houses with access parking and landscaping.
REF: M/FP/0586/13/P Address: Former Neighbourhood Centre, off St Pauls Road, Middlesbrough Proposal: Residential development of 26 dwelling houses with access, landscaping and car parking (demolition of existing building).
She said: "We would submit that this case was not suitable for summary trial as the allegations involve dwelling houses, which were both occupied at the time and happened during the night.
Roost sites include the surviving part of Lymore Hall, Montgomery, the original seat of the Earl of Powis, and Hendre Cottage in the Tanat Valley which is one of the oldest dwelling houses in Wales.
He had 49 previous convictions, 20 for breaking into dwelling houses.
This included "two messuages (a home, its outbuildings and connected land) or dwelling houses built by William Mead.