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Before this, in Wales, the C3 planning use classification applied to all dwelling houses up to and including six tenants.
Pleaded guilty to conspiracy to burgle dwelling houses and commercial properties and a public order offence.
The gate of a nearby dwelling house has been damaged as well.
Alexander Greenwood, defending Lockyer, who has nine offences of dwelling house burglary and four of non-dwelling house burglary, said drugs were at the root of his offending.
lt;br />Built in May, 2009<br />dedicated dwelling house
You have a previous conviction for dwelling house burglary.
The data of measurements are going to be placed in a decision-making matrix, where columns contain attributes, rows contain dwelling houses before and after refurbishment and/or renovation and cells of the matrix contain the values of attributes for a particular dwelling house before or after refurbishment and/or renovation.
President Kurmanbek on Tuesday attended the opening ceremony of a dwelling house for State Guard Service officers in Tunguch microdistrict of Bishkek, reported president's press office.
MacGillivray added: "In almost all cases where a fatal fire occurred in a dwelling house, had the house been fitted with an automatic sprinkler system the death would have been prevented.
If providing homes for retired farmers means a dwelling house on the farm, this indeed would be good news," he added.
Mr & Mrs N Keeling - Erection of a new dwelling house at Plot 2, 20 Wootton Green Lane, Balsall Common.
The Senate Finance Committee report said the purpose of the new deduction was "to place the tenant stockholders of a cooperative apartment in the same position as the owner of a dwelling house so far as deductions for interest and taxes are concerned.
Lavelle is still the executive vice president of Dwelling House Savings and Loan in the Hill District of Pittsburgh at the age of 89.
And he said: "All we are trying to do is retain the right to use our dwelling house as we see fit.
A building is defined as 'a structure which is a dwelling house, or which contains one or more dwelling houses'.