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  • noun

Synonyms for dweeb

an unpleasant, tiresome person

Synonyms for dweeb

an insignificant student who is ridiculed as being affected or boringly studious

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Jamie Bell as his wet-behind-theears partner and Jim Broadbent as a crazed shrink are shoved aside by McAvoy' ferocious performance and it's only the ever-reliable Eddie Marsan, as Robertson's amusingly dweeby friend, who lingers in the memory.
8 (ANI): Louisiana's Indian origin Governor Piyush `Bobby' Jindal is being likened to Kenneth, the dweeby page on "30 Rock.
Get Smart" begins, as is required of almost all would-be starter franchises these days, as an origin story, showing how Maxwell Smart (Steve Carell) got his groove, going from being a dweeby, behind-the-scenes analyst to being a nerdy spy.
I could believe him as a werewolf, he's got a slightly rabid look about him due to his build and at times he can look somewhat intimidating C* until you remember he was the dweeby neighbour in Cheaper by the Dozen 2.
That's easily enough said by a dweeby Washington, D.
Jon, whose nerdy personality has made him of a cult figure, admitted he is boring, dweeby and a nerd.
Bananas PROBABLY the most slapstick of all Woody Allen's 'earlier, funnier films', this stars New York's most famous glasses-wearer as a dweeby guy so keen to impress his social-activist girlfriend that he unwittingly becomes embroiled in a South American coup d'etat.
Veronica Mars E4, weekdays EVEN more dweeby than The Hills, enjoy this guilty pleasure and watch Kristen Bell becoming a star in the hip high-school detective show.
OK, so there's this nerdy Big Apple exterminator named Bob Dillon (played by Darren Ritchie) whose equally dweeby pest control buddies (Alex Robert Holmes and Karesa McElheny) morph into high-tech Rambos whenever they grab the poison.
A dweeby adolescent trapped in an adult body, he has reinvented his emotional and living environment as a living memorial to a long-extinguished camaraderie.
This time, it's dweeby dentist Stu's turn to take the plunge into married life and his beautiful bride Lauren decides to hold the wedding in Thailand much to the dismay of the rest of the gang.