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Synonyms for dweeb

an unpleasant, tiresome person

Synonyms for dweeb

an insignificant student who is ridiculed as being affected or boringly studious

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But Dweeb, whose intrepid journey featured in the Coventry Telegraph last week, still refuses to reveal his real name, or where he lives.
Dweeb explains though that his motives mean that caretakers and security guards usually greet him with kind words, even though he is on their land.
Dweeb - comprising singer Tim Alford, David Ashford on drums, Matt Donald on bass and a mysterious guitarist who gives his name only as The Badgerman - describe their music as "rock with a twist of jazzy funk".
Dweeb, accompanied by photographer Raddog, made the risky journey along the culverted river, which flows beneath the city centre, for his website lightingthedarkness.
And if you think this programme is the domain of the computer dweeb, or the sci- fi nerd, then you might be right.
Mean -while, in TV's village of the damned, Emmerdale dweeb Debbie incinerated millions of pounds as her psychotic parents Cain and Charity made implausible plans to tie the knot.
Todd Solondz, the evil dweeb genius of sensationalism-and-sadism cinema (``Welcome to the Dollhouse,'' ``Happiness''), takes on his critics - and, rather boldly, himself - with his latest exercise in calculated offensiveness, ``Storytelling.
The dweeb from ``The Breakfast Club'' who played a geeky dweeb in ``Sixteen Candles'' who played the incredibly geeky dweeb Bill Gates in ``Pirates of Silicon Valley'' as the greatest left-hander in Yankees history?
Other barbs used around Britain include dweeb, nerd, smelly and tramp.
They'll be supported tomorrow by Dweeb and No Remote.
He watched with mounting worry as the techno-whizz - known as the Dweeb - made dozens of trips along the corridors carrying spy equipment to bug his room.
Which NBC dweeb reporter would you rather have a mike shoved into your face by, Jim Gray or Jimmy Roberts?
While the others had fun, I was the dweeb who sat in the basement glued to the television set.
Sadly for him, he reckons without a 16-year-old techno dweeb (Vincent Kartheiser) whose hacking activities chuck a software spanner in the works.