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Lewis also refers to "the" dwarfish marching song in The Last Battle [78], but he does not quote from it, so it is not of the same importance.
Thus, the 5N extra operations multiplied by the number of bisections that we need are a dwarfish supplement, yielding an inexpensive O([N.
This afternoon for the first time since they set the stone ten years ago, unpolished gray Vermont granite embellished with a three-inch etched border of bare vines, I knelt at my father's grave, memorizing his dates chiseled in the marker, and asked him, too, then brushed off clusters of dried pine needles, dirt-streaks, in the field of dwarfish stones.
Chun was a dwarfish nature spirit associated with homosexuality in Mayan culture.
Their thin, dwarfish braids, stinking breath, sunken cheeks, and withered breasts flesh out the anatomy of a deep distemper that is both generic to them and pervasive.
It is the favourite stance of dwarfish politicians the world over.
The dwarfish Bill Kristol had prepared the way by making personal attacks against me, but in view of the fact I had always called him a smiling cobra and a Likud propagandist, that was to be expected.
We soon realised that Robin was a girl and there was nothing dwarfish about her
The dwarfish, deformed little man has a deep seated hatred of trains, and after one more train explodes, Cody begins to close in, but his wife and daughter are also now the targets of a lethal threat by the deadly foe.
The euryhaline species Lumbricillus lineatus (a dwarfish form here), as well as some other, scarce species represent the widely distributed marine littoral assemblage but inhabit here mainly coarse sediments of the sublittoral, even at depths to 47 m.
Decked out in the same spy-like regalia as the Metro's house band, this dwarfish, big-headed figure appears to be sitting in midair.
The subterranean vaults of Gringott's Bank are cavernous and ominously gloomy, providing a stark contrast to the luxurious banking chamber, in which marble Ionic colonnades hold up a gilded interior in which two lines of dwarfish gnomes beaver away assiduously counting money and administering accounts.
Meantime, I'm sure the "goal" has nothing to do with guaranteeing a small minority of 6-foot-tall, milky-white rich guys of pure Spanish blood can continue lording it over a huge nation of dwarfish mestizo peasants kept purposely ill-educated, ill-armed, and seriously short of animal protein.