dwarf iris

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low-growing spring-flowering American iris with bright blue-lilac flowers

low-growing summer-flowering iris of northeastern United States

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This type of planting works very well when mixed with spring flowering bulbs such as dwarf iris, narcissi or crocus.
The main flowers to be found include tulip, pasque flower, summer snowflake, dwarf iris, osmanthus, clematis, lily of the valley, snake's head fritillary, Lily of the Valley - and Pieris 'Forest Flame'.
Snowdrops also combine well, as do pansies and dwarf iris.
85 and receive free our dwarf iris collection (40) worth pounds 5.
98) These dwarf Iris will cower in late winter to early spring producing large cowers on dwarf stems.
And pop in a few spring-flowering bulbs like crocus and dwarf iris.
We're offering 50 Dwarf Iris - a colourful mixture of Reticulata and Danfordiae - for only pounds 2.
FRESHEN-UP container displays, replacing dead plants with winter pansies, crocus, mini-daffodils and dwarf iris.
ONE of my favourite bulbs for growing in a container is the dwarf iris, Iris Reticulata.
3 IRIS RETICULATA eJOYCEi: Another dwarf iris which brings a welcome splash of blue to any container.
They are: Pack A - 50 mixed Dutch Iris; Pack B - 50 dwarf Iris reticulata; Pack C - 50 large flowering crocus mixed.
BRING some vibrant colour to your garden with 100 dwarf iris mixed and save yourself pounds 3.
Dwarf conifers give a sense of permanence and familiarity while allowing the seasons to reveal crocus, dwarf iris, fritillaries, aubrieta, violas, a Japanese azalea, alyssum, dianthus, tumbling Ted, creeping Jenny, dwarf astilbes, hardy cyclamen and many others.
The selection comprises 50 Narcissi Mixed F1 (March-April); 50 Tulips Mixed F1 (March-April); 50 Dwarf Iris Mixed F1 (Feb-March); 50 Large Flowering Crocus Mixed F1 (March-April); 100 Anemone Mixed F1 (April-June); and 10 Asiatic Lilies Mixed F1 (June).