dwarf buffalo

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small buffalo of the Celebes having small straight horns

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Bruce, 38, who lives Whitley Bay, is on a mission to save the rainforest on the small island ( and its 200-strong population of dwarf buffalo, which are under threat from meat hunters.
But they clear forest for buildings and farming and hunt the anoa, or 4ft high dwarf buffalo, for meat.
Classified as West African savanna buffalo, they are much larger in the body than the true dwarf buffalo found in the forest zone farther south, and their horns rise abruptly without the boss and curve of the Cape buffalo.
Along the banks we caught sight of both the (supposedly) almost extinct species of dwarf buffalo, and the highland and lowland anoa (small cattle).
DENR personnel, from April 12 to 19, finished data consolidation for the tamaraw population count, which has been done yearly in the past 16 years to document the number of the dwarf buffalos in the wild.