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a soft quilt usually filled with the down of the eider

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Sticking your feet out from under the duvet to cool down is easier than having to get out of bed to turn the heating off.
My trusty feather duvet is in the spare room for good
Hex Valley Down is a leading down feather duvet, pillow and sleeping bag manufacturer using 100 percent pure natural down feathers.
Womanly, but with a little glint in the eye, Liz Hurley's duvet sets encapsulate her beauty with a devilish look worthy of her character in Bedazzled.
The Luna Organic Cotton Tie-Closure Duvet Set is where modern femininity and sustainability tie together.
I saw smoke and people were crying so I took my duvet and ran downstairs with no shoes on and handed it over to a group of men who used it to catch people who were jumping out of a first floor window," she said.
A forensic scientist said it was possible the killer wrapped Ms Jackson up to transport her body then discarded the duvet because it wouldn't fit in the grave.
Ian and Ruth Pressman have created CosyCool, a DIY 150-pound duvet, the idea for which came up after years of sleepless nights caused by a duvet that Ruth thought was the perfect temperature but that kept Ian awake because he was over-heating.
Blissliving's new Kew duvet set is a trellis print design in a coloration combining chocolate brown and white, and is made with 300 thread-count cotton sateen.
I went shopping for a new duvet with Barbara at one of those stores that feature nice accessories for one's home.
Now they plan to expand their range of products imported from the Far East to include silk sheets and duvet covers.
The mystery of how to quickly change a duvet cover has been solved by a new study.
ONE Saturday night stay at the swank W Hotel in Westwood costs guests upward of $300 - for which you get a pillow-top mattress and feather bed, goose-down duvet and terry spa robes.
An inviting, high-quality, raised mattress is complemented by smooth, 200-thread count white sheets that rest beneath a fluffy, down-like comforter enclosed in a crisp, white duvet cover.