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Synonyms for duty-bound

under a moral obligation to do something


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People increasingly complain about a disconnect between politicians and the public they are duty-bound to serve.
I am duty-bound to attend them as discussions on several national issues are raised and I have to be there as people's representative," he said.
During an appearance on the CNBC program "Squawk Box," Christie said he would feel duty-bound to entertain a potential offer from the Republicans' apparent nominee.
The move runs counter to international law because according to international conventions, all countries are duty-bound to provide passenger jets with necessary fuel," Hossein Naqavi- Hosseini, the member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Iranian Majlis (Parliament) said.
A key member of the party, MP Ibrahim Kanaan, told the radio this morning that Aoun "expects Prime Minister designate Najib Mikati is duty-bound to disclose to the people the results of his consultations" over the past four months.
Iran is duty-bound to help Muslim countries promote their sports capabilities, Aliabadi said.
Our Government isn't duty-bound to help as an act of altruism, a kinship with the people over the Irish Sea, although that should be reason enough.
Reuven Moshkovitz, 82, one of those on board the Irene and a Holocaust survivor told AFP she felt duty-bound to attempt the voyage, which is expected to take around 36 hours.
And the second point is that if the cinema has such an important rule surely it is duty-bound to display it prominently in the cinema and on its website.
Some of them are about to appear on this junior version of the popular cookery contest, and although they're not duty-bound to provide healthy meals, they certainly put some adults to shame by preparing some mouth-watering dishes from scratch.
Editorial independence means the Journal is not only free to hold up a mirror to the church and reflect it, warts and all, it is duty-bound to do so.
He said tribal elders and area residents, who had promised to ensure security of company workers before work on the project was launched, were duty-bound to help release the kidnappee.
Superintendent Roy Romer and school board President Marlene Canter both said the board feels duty-bound to file suit to determine whether AB 1381 complies with provisions of the state constitution.
As Laurence adjusts to life in the Corps, he remains honorable and duty-bound and earns the respect of the Corps dragons and their officers.
It asserted in Lumen Gentium that "to the extent of their knowledge, competence, or authority, the laity are entitled, and indeed sometimes duty-bound, to express their opinion on matters which concern the good of the church.