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under a moral obligation to do something


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Karachi, August 30(ANI): The Pakistan Supreme Court has said that Sindh's Chief Minister is duty-bound to protect the people of the province.
However, if the prison officer says he is innocent, we're duty-bound to support him.
A Premier League spokesman said: "Given the recent comments from Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, we are duty-bound to investigate.
The judges apply the law of the land and faced with defective laws that fall foul of Human Rights legislation they are duty-bound to reject them.
In a statement submitted to a House Financial Services subcommittee, he said, "Although Fannie Mae is a company that receives accolades for providing a diverse and positive work environment, it is also plagued by a corporate culture that uses threats, intimidation, and reprisal to create an atmosphere where even those employees with great integrity--employees who rightfully feel duty-bound to report improprieties and irregularities--cannot risk doing so, fearing the retaliation that they know will follow.
The force has also warned its own officers who are hunt supporters that they are duty-bound to report any illegal activity.
His big brothers and sisters felt duty-bound to educate him in the ways of being a mouse.
Note the historical emptiness here: there is no awareness and no recognition of the historical fact that technology can exist without science, and that science is not duty-bound to issue technological products; that the first one is inextricably meshed up with market forces while the second lies in the realm of creative and critical human thought and intellectually controlled imagination.
But our judges have long since declined to take direction from the statutes they are duty-bound to interpret.
The pope told the bishops that he was duty-bound to remind all bishops they had to use all means at their disposal to keep unqualified men out of the priesthood.
His Dickensian view of life drove him to paint the world as he would like it to be--no drunken fathers or self-centered mothers, only kindly doctors, duty-bound soldiers, and regular folks at their daily occupations.
Nolan is so courageously honest that the viewer feels duty-bound to endure the discomfort of bearing witness.
Although More was duty-bound to crush heresy and although he believed that it led to damnation, Guy thinks that More was too extreme.
There is no implied or assumed course of action whose violation can be charged to the duty-bound party, so long as the course chosen produces the called-for result.
Once supplies are ordered in the traditional fashion--through a person, phone or fax--the purchaser is almost duty-bound to call in later to check on the order's status (e.