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Synonyms for drawback

Synonyms for drawback

an unfavorable condition, circumstance, or characteristic

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the quality of being a hindrance

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b) Re-adjust promptly all the announced and revised duty drawbacks and other policy measures.
c) Adopt a method of determining duty drawbacks based on proper inputoutput coefficients, aided by professional engineers and accountants.
Export contract value should be made the basis of duty drawbacks.
The increased volumes and the problem of uncertainties can be controlled by introduction of ADP (Automatic Data Processing) application for handling and disposal of duty drawback claims.
To my mind the problem of simplification of procedures of duty drawback would require the following steps:
Laszlo Kovacs, the commissioner in charge of taxation, is adamantly opposed to the duty drawback scheme included in the deal.
The EU has accepted the duty drawback in a number of agreements with Mediterranean countries but only on a temporary basis.
24 billion is stuck up on account of duty drawback and efforts are being made to get at least a part of amount released by the Ministry of Finance so that the textile sector gets some relief.
However, both sides are well aware of their limited room for manoeuvre and are keeping a low profile ahead of the meeting, which will focus on the remaining stumbling blocks, namely duty drawbacks and rules of origin.
All depends on the question whether we can find a workable compromise for the key outstanding issues, in particular duty drawbacks," a Commission source told Europolitics.
Moreover, the Commission and South Korea still disagree on the issues of Korean duty drawbacks and rules of origin.
However, it remains to be seen whether the Council would accept such a deal, since several member states could use the duty drawback issue as a matter of principle to stop Asthon.