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I can't be told to my face that I have failed to do my duty by Blanche.
Suppose it was consistent with your duty," pleaded Sir Patrick, "to be relieved at your post?
Even with your high standard of duty, it would be asking too much.
If Leslie had asked you if anything could be done for him, THEN it might be your duty to tell her what you really thought.
I've looked at the matter from every point of view--and I've been driven to the conclusion that it is my duty to tell Leslie that I believe it is possible that Dick can be restored to himself; there my responsibility ends.
It is therefore my duty to tell her that there is such a possibility.
The hours fly by shut up with those catalogues and with Duty snarling on the other side of the door.
I told Lady Lowborough two weeks ago, the very hour she came, that I should certainly think it my duty to inform you if she continued to deceive you: she gave me full liberty to do so if I should see anything reprehensible or suspicious in her conduct; I have seen nothing; and I trusted she had altered her course.
But I am troubled,' continued she, 'and vexed too, for I think it my duty to accompany his lordship, and of course I am very sorry to part with all my kind friends so unexpectedly and so soon.
He considered he owed it to mankind, and all that his genius brought into the world went, by this philosophical view of his duty, into the public lap.
It was her father's duty, in spite of the inevitable pain which a separation from her would cause him, to think of her marriage; and he was fully prepared for it.
He had done his duty to the unhappy young woman, by instructing his solicitor to spare no expense in tracing her, and in restoring her once more to medical care, and he was now only anxious to do his duty towards Miss Fairlie and towards her family, in the same plain, straightforward way.
But my duty did not lie in this direction--my function was of the purely judicial kind.
There is no such thing really if one looks steadily to one's welfare--which is grounded in duty.
Nothing irreparable--you see even now I am ready to trust you implicitly--then our duty is clear.