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Synonyms for dutiful

Synonyms for dutiful

marked by courteous submission or respect

Synonyms for dutiful

willingly obedient out of a sense of duty and respect


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She mentioned her to Rawdon Crawley, who came dutifully to partake of his aunt's chicken.
But, I am not in a very agreeable state, I tell you plainly: not relishing this business, even as it is, and not considering that I am at any time as dutifully and submissively treated by your daughter, as Josiah Bounderby of Coketown ought to be treated by his wife.
They parted in an outer drawing-room, where only Mr Sparkler waited on his lady, and dutifully bided his time for shaking hands.
Her husband feeling it necessary at this point to demand one of those mysterious disappearances on Bella's part, she dutifully obeyed; saying in a softened voice from her place of concealment:
That's a `label' on my `sect'," answered Laurie, quoting Amy, as he went to partake of humble pie dutifully with his grandfather, who was quite saintly in temper and overwhelmingly respectful in manner all the rest of the day.
The reindeer nodded dutifully and gave a polite snort Santa climbed onto the sleigh and gave the reins a shake He knew that this year they would all make exactly the same mistakes Mince pies, sherry and carrots, well who could resist?
ONCE again West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner Bob Jones is ceremoniously wheeled out to dutifully defend the indefendable - this time criticising the police's own watch dog, the IPCC, over "Plebgate".
Dutifully, the Washington Post consulted an Israeli security expert, who dutifully informed us that using intelligence-like security techniques such as profiling and targeted inspections and questioning is faster, less intrusive (for most), and more effective than the American way.
But don't blame the "nasty old Tories", we are the ones to blame, or at least those 90% of us who when we voted, dutifully voted to maintain colonial rule by mainstream, London-centric, unionist parties.
Andrews was the innocent victim of a perv-cam wielding sicko who secretly took these images of her in her hotel room," a New York paper reported before dutifully reproducing them on the front page.
It's all very cheap and cheerful, and the boxes will be dutifully recycled at the end of the show.
Said producer had thought his 'star' was dutifully filming in the West Country.
THINKING I was reducing my carbon footprint, I have been dutifully washing out my cans and bottles, squashing my cardboard boxes and lemonade bottles, having been told by Liverpool City Council that they have a new machine which separates the above items for recycling even though I put them all in the same bin.
The hard-wired CO detector was dutifully beeping away, alerting me to the previous power outage.
The Republican-led House dutifully passed this legislation last September, but the Republican-led Senate did not follow suit, either prior to the pre-election adjournment or during the lame-duck session that ended on December 9.