dutch clover

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creeping European clover having white to pink flowers and bright green leaves

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We have planted white Dutch clover as a way to keep the ground from eroding or turning to mud.
After vegetables are harvested, spade several inches of manure into beds and sow seeds of white Dutch clover or winter rye to grow as a cover crop.
To avoid an appalling amount of work and expense, and as the easiest means of preventing weeds from overwhelming your new trees, new shrubs, and you, first establish a dense sod of Dutch clover (after liming, after fertilizing, and after laying a drip-irrigation system for trees and shrubs, and an optional spray system for the clover).
They require an acid soil (which you would not lime), where you would not establish, and could not maintain Dutch clover, which requires a sweet soil.
After crops are harvested, spade several inches of manure into vegetable beds and sow a cover crop of white Dutch clover.