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The post New dustup between Michalides and Hasikos over dodgy student visas appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
While the dispute is thought to have cost Exxon the rights to build that petrochemical plant, there are signs that the dustup may be a thing of the past.
The veteran TV writer testified he had authority to kill off Sheridan's role four months before their dustup.
But now it has emerged Mr Openshaw was lured to the scene for a pre-arranged dustup after a dispute broke out over an unpaid drugs debt.
LEWIS Hamilton walked away from a potential dustup with Felipe Massa following a bitter post-race showdown between the duo.
DID ANYONE ELSE HAVE MENtal flashes of the modern classic baseball movie "Bull Durham" while reading the news reports of last week's dustup between Gov.
It turns out they'd had a dustup at the funeral of a permanent deacon just that week.
Of course, the media dustup and subsequent blogitis has lots of folks laughing (again) at the Catholic church.
This was followed by a dustup at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where Pollan's In Defense of Food was distributed to incoming students, angering local ag groups, which bused in farmers to protest a speech by the author.
Despite the occasional legal dustup (or, more likely, because of them), producers and studios often overcompensate by securing more rights than are actually required.
234 is at the center of a real estate dustup between the PS 234 Parent Teacher Association and two brokers from the Corcoran Group.
lt;p>The dustup with Macmillan could kick off highly competitive battles within the e-book market.
Mars, still reversing in Leo, has been in a right old dustup with the Sun, but it's Saturn which helps you to sort this out.
However, perhaps the most enduring memory of the race was her dustup with Jacque Lazier.