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Synonyms for dustrag

a piece of cloth used for dusting

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Erika has never had to do housework, because dustrags and cleansers ruin a pianist's hands.
Now, my mother accumulates things: pencils, pens, erasers, staplers, dog biscuits, mustard, marinade sauce, flyswatters, fans, exercise videos in shrinkwrap, eight-packs of paper towel, sixteen-packs of toilet paper, household-tip books, lowfat diet books, anticholesterol books, prescription drug books, holistic remedy books, apple cores, pear cores, orange seeds, dried knobs from navel oranges, coupon booldets, echinacea pills, toothpicks, balled-up stockings, slippers, telephone notepads, eyeglass repair kits, special dustrags.
Throughout the play these three wear the same threadbare secondhand dresses, the kind that well-heeled folks feel generous about offering as gifts to their domestic servants rather than cutting the clothes into dustrags.