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Synonyms for dustpan

the quantity that a dustpan will hold


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a short-handled receptacle into which dust can be swept

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Today, Rubbermaid still manufactures plastic dustpans and other innovative cleaning products, as well as home storage, food storage and hobby storage.
Ltd is a household items manufacturer dedicated to producing the very best quality of outdoor & indoor household cleaning tools such as plastic brooms, cleaning brushes, dustpans and cotton mops as well as daily use articles series.
Contract awarded for Electrostatic acquisition dusters, dustpans, trash wheels with 32 gallons
ey will be performing Our House by Madness with a load of dustpans and brushes.
Now the Charterhouse Coventry Preservation Trust hopes that local people will come along to help the clean-up from 12pm and 4pm on Saturday February 22 - if possible armed with hoovers, dustpans and brushes, or even a skip.
Dustpans caused 146 injuries, breadbins 91, talcum powder 73, toilet roll holders 329, clogs 622, false teeth 933 and wellies 5,615.
Remco's Dustpans and Bowl Scoops feature an ergonomic raised handle design with a thumb grip for more comfortable use.
The men gather round Kosky's truck, taking blowers, dustpans, gloves and other gear to their various tasks.
Symbolic of domestic violence, crockery will be smashed during worship - and the shattered pieces swept under a carpet, then brushed into dustpans and finally formed into the shape of a cross in the aisle.
His ongoing negotiation with Rutherford Selig over the manufacture and sale of dustpans manifests his longing for the white man's success and for opportunities to exploit African Americans' labor potential.
Try that in the back garden and you get a very confused dog who is suddenly very wary of dustpans.
Suppliers of mops, brooms, dustpans and related products expressed divergent views about present conditions, including the value equation.
The products in question include burner covers, canister sets, dustpans, hotpads and counter mats.