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Synonyms for dustpan

the quantity that a dustpan will hold


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a short-handled receptacle into which dust can be swept

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Casabella's new Karim Rashid dustpan set comes in fashion colors.
I know I didn't bring out a broom and dustpan for a week, dreading the disposal of this little light that connected me to my mother.
He said a number of items seized were later found to have traces of HMTD including a dustpan and brush, latex gloves, some blue trousers and a traditional Muslim top.
He fantasizes about hiring Jeremy to toil in his new dustpan business.
The range includes 48-litre lift-top bins, large rectangular washing up bowls, the Ultima sponge mop and a dustpan and brush set.
When drained, you'll be left with a nasty-looking dark sludge which can be swept up with a plastic dustpan and brush.
picking up sharp objects or broken glass with a broom and dustpan or tweezers, never with the hands, even if wearing gloves
The Sweep 'n Store Whisk Broom's sleek, smart design allows the dustpan to serve as a broom cover, when the product is not in use.
Safely confined to a basement laboratory, he reached out with a thick multi-jointed arm and picked up a measuring jug followed by a dustpan before depositing them in a tray.
6 gals Traffic Yellow 3 tin Orange Paint 5 gals Blue Paint 5 pcs Walis Ting ting w/handle 5 pcs Paint Brush #4 2 pcs Paint Roller 4 pcs Plastic Dustpan Big 4 gals QDE Enamel White 3 kls Disposable Rags 1 ls.
The dustpan swivels, so it can be hung up flat, snapped open to scoop up sweepings, and locked into place for easy, neat emptying.
Store a whisk broom and dustpan, a sponge or cleaning cloth, as well as other necessary cleaning products in the kitchen.
I've jumped in and cooked hamburgers at the catering area, will pick up a dustpan and sweep the park.
I'm going, 'I can't use the brush and dustpan for this'.
Also new from ReadiVac is its Power Pan, a cordless dustpan with a built-in vacuum that allows the thin line of dust to be vacuumed directly into the pan, while larger debris is swept on top of the pan.