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someone employed to collect and dispose of refuse

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Almost nobody who opposes the government's plans belie ves a dustman should fund a doctor.
Steve adds: "Every summer for 17 years I was an unofficial, unpaid dustman.
The dustman would walk around to our back gardens and hoist a galvanised dustbin well filled with ashes, cinders and all the rest of our household waste on to his shoulder, returning to the dustcart to empty the bin.
The Rangers supporting former dustman, who won a pounds 9.
Today Gillian Neild, a spokeswoman for Harrogate NHS trust, said the former dustman was being treated for dehydration and minor abrasions while under police guard.
A court today issued a warrant for the arrest of a former dustman who won a pounds 9.
It really infuriates me that you say why should the dustman fund the doctor.
Former dustman Michael Carroll, 20,of Swaffham, Norfolk, was also banned from driving for four months by magistrates in Swaffham.
According to a council source, with overtime, the average dustman loader took home pounds 32,000 last year and a driver pounds 36,000.
The velvet-voiced dustman was second favourite to win the ITV singing contest before Saturday's show but a poorlyreceived version of Phil Collins' Easy Loversaw his price to be eliminated dip to 6-4 on Betfair - he had been 14-1.
Donegan, who died in 2002 at the age of 71, hit the top of the charts in 1960 with the novelty song My Old Man's A Dustman.
In our home a blackboard is a blackboard and a dustman is a dustman, both of which are in any English dictionary
The former dustman outraged neighbours last Saturday when he celebrated his 22nd birthday by smashing up 12 cars on a track behind his pounds 400,000 house in Swaffham, Norfolk.
We should stick to the modern principle of wider access to education paid for by the taxpayer, not revert to the 19th-century principle of elitism (indeed, let's not presume a dustman doesn't want the personal development that comes with a university education).