dusting powder

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a fine powder for spreading on the body (as after bathing)

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Masterclass: Make-up expert Peter Camburn at work Elizabeth Arden antiageing serum (right), Pretty dusting powder (top) and Pretty perfume (above)
With ingredients such as cornstarch, bentonite clay, myrrh, slippery elm bark and rosebuds, Burt's Bees dusting powder is designed to soothe and heal chafing, prickly heat and skin irritations.
The common use of Talc dusting powder can result in its inhalation, resulting in acute or chronic lung irritation and disease (talcosis), and even death.
Try Marks & Spencer's Divine Glamour Decadent dusting powder, pounds 12; Dessert Beauty's Taste body shimmer scented with vanilla, white chocolate and coconut cream, pounds 27 (call 0800 849 2063); and Urban Decay's luscious Gingersnap body powder, pounds 18 from Boots and Debenhams.
For true glamour, try Vixen Dusting Powder by Kiss Australia, pounds 5.
If he's rifled your dressing table to find your favourite fragrance and bought you the whole range from shower gel to body lotion and scented dusting powder, or better still had your own personalised fragrance made up you are on to a good catch.
Among the winners were Pukka Herbs--Pukka Ayurveda Firming Facial Oil (best organic skin care product), MacJaren UK--Beginning Absorbing Dusting Powder (best organic mother and baby product), Sophyto--Purifying Silken Cleanser (best innovation in organic cosmetics) and Pukka Herbs, Pukka Ayurveda, Firming Face Oil (best new natural beauty and spa product)
THEN, a final cover of Lush Silky Underwear dusting powder, pounds 4.
The Bronnley and RHS Floral Collection includes a luxurious range of beauty products such as soaps, body balm, hand & nail cream and dusting powder.
Lulu Guinness's Luxurious Dusting Powder, pounds 36 from Hqhair (www.
Included in the range is eau de toilette and parfum, soap, body cream, shower gel, moisturiser and dusting powder.
And my wife has this big can of dusting powder she got for Christmas.
For example, there are chemicals in fingerprint ink and dusting powder that can be carcinogenic, Johnson notes.
95 as well as body lotion, dusting powder and perfume.