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the state of being covered with dust

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Mid-Ludfordian coeval carbon isotope, natural gamma ray and magnetic susceptibility excursions in the Mielnik IG-1 borehole (Eastern Poland) - dustiness as a possible link between global climate and the Silurian carbon isotope record.
Contract notice: Assignment Marking, Collection, Analysis And Evaluation Of State Storage Materials Or Products Containing Asbestos And Achieve Dustiness Measures In Air
The schedule should be based on the dustiness of the material being processed and operators should be required to sign a checklist (like you see in restrooms) when they perform the cleaning.
Looking for all the world like the promised land, the answer to everything, just what we need to take the edge off the dread and dustiness of our lives--or with the grime of a long slog in a lonely wilderness writ ten all over it.
Addition of oil to CM diets might reduce the dustiness of the feeds and encourage higher feed intake.
We are particle engineers and work to enhance the performance of sweetener ingredients and/ or formulas that have issues such as poor solubility, poor flowability, dustiness, negative ingredient interactions or bad taste profiles.
I love the energy, the dustiness and the random things thrown up by doing things that way.
Perhaps we might shake some of the dry dustiness which can creep into any devolution debate by reflecting that these are also matters which would be better settled here?
Buoys, away from the dustiness of land, come through quite well.
The formation of these micro pearls and granules reduces the dustiness of the precipitated silica, and therefore reduces the potential for worker exposure to particles of amorphous silica during handling.
Research interests: environmental protection, gravel road dustiness, environmental pollution with road maintenance salt, antipollution of road environment, vegetation preservation.
The dustiness of the southern Texas town and the cramped modesty of Ashley's trailer serve as a sharp contrast to the foster home that sits nestled in a suggestively alive, sustaining pocket of green.