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Synonyms for duster

a windstorm that lifts up clouds of dust or sand

a loose coverall (coat or frock) reaching down to the ankles

a piece of cloth used for dusting

a pitch thrown deliberately close to the batter

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With sexy satin gowns for the bride who likes open backs and lots of glitter, layered tulle for those who prefer the soft, feminine dressing with the barest hint of sparkle, and brilliant - really brilliant - mother-of-the-bride outfits with stunning wrap jackets and silk 50s-style duster coats, this is a designer who can do no wrong right now.
But this year she is introducing her new Kilara collection of 52 kaftans, small ponchos, hooded jackets and duster coats with heavy beading.
Brightly coloured duster coats were worn over the top of these dresses and the very elegant stiletto heels completed `the look'.
Pink and green tweed checks for jackets and sweaters vied with grey knicker-bockers; big scarves in enormous knots; waists pulled tight with thin belts; lovely leaf prints; raw-cut tweed rosebud applique on pockets; raw-cut sheepskin round the neck; pretty chiffon for evening; ostrich patchwork and tiered velvet duster coats.
Duster coats in fabulous prints, '50s prom dresses in satin and, shock horror, Carrie in black trousers and top, and trench coat.
Fashion fans might want to take note that the designs included numerous long black duster coats lined in vivid scarf prints and worn over black turtleneck sweaters and fluid, cuffed pants, as well as oversized cable knit sweaters and billowy palazzo pants in winter white and also pine green.