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It wouldn't take too many dust-ups like these before the vaunted "Three-Legged-Stool" is over turned completely.
And then there's the litter, antisocial behaviour and myriad episodes of shouting, swearing and domestic dust-ups.
DIFC COurTS IS proving hard to ignore for multi-national firms looking to settle corporate dust-ups.
Political dust-ups in Par-liament aside, Tsvetanov also again finds himself in a public war of words with the judiciary, in a saga that potentially could be damaging as the European Commission considers how well or otherwise Bulgaria is coming up to scratch in European Union standards of justice and home affairs.
The investigation is the latest in a series of dust-ups between O'Connell and other elected officials and city officials since O'Connell took his seat on the council a year ago this month.
I played against them for Bees in the home game at Damson Park and got caught up in a couple of off-the-ball dust-ups with their second row.
Since joining Tottenham in 2008, he has been involved in numerous touchline dust-ups.
Such dust-ups are nothing new, as Yagoda cites "a scandal a year" since 1960.
Dean Pithie won the Commonwealth superfeatherweight belt there and Neil Simpson's win in 2001 ranks among the most dramatic domestic dust-ups of the last decade.
The former pub boss has been linked to a number of large-scale dust-ups involving Toon thugs and once had emergency surgery after being knifed in the stomach in Germany.
As a loyal defender of the temple of environmental holiness that is the UK grocery industry, I have had my fair share of dust-ups with this crowd and their unwashed hair-shirted acolytes over the years, but they were all so pissed up on dandelion and burdock aquavit that they beckoned me over.
29 the most likely date for one of the biggest dust-ups the country has seen.
This probably isn't the best time for a union to go up against management, but so often these dust-ups come more from local personalities than from HQ policy (whether that HQ is a company or a union).
The Frenchman is an intriguing character who looks as if he'll pack a punch up front judging by his pre-season dust-ups.
Meanwhile, seeking to end future dust-ups, Los Angeles City Councilmen Tony Cardenas and Richard Alarcon introduced a resolution Tuesday that would call for the creation of an entirely new local agricultural district.