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covered with a layer of dust


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A handful of tired-looking, dust-covered firemen coming out from the shaft told Xinhua that they descended into the pit only to find 20 bodies.
Officials took reporters to the building that was hit, where children's toys, teacups and dust-covered mattresses could be seen amid the rubble.
Dust-covered Anna Zizi was singing as she was pulled free yesterday by Mexican firefighters from the wreckage of the main Roman Catholic Cathedral in Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince, according to charity Christian Aid.
Here's the lead of thefirst of Lasseter's reports: "When it's harvest time in the poppy fields ofKandahar, dust-covered Taliban fighters pull up on their motorbikes tocollect a 10 percent tax on the crop.
DUST-covered Birming-ham firefighters have won a partial victory against a waste transfer station which is pollut-ing their lives.
Natalia, the victim of child abuse in the sacred church premises, was a frail, dust-covered bundle of skin and bones in a dirty, tattered frock, undernourished and famished.
Psalm 119:16 (Good News Translation) A young boy found a dust-covered book on a high shelf.
My favorite, perhaps, is another Hartford, 1980: A man wearing only shorts sands a ceiling of claustrophobic lowness, his gesture reflected in a dust-covered polygonal mirror set on a radiator behind him.
The storms) can make the planet completely dust-covered and you can't see anything on it.
It was, perhaps, the image of executives backing into the future that prompted the memory of a dust-covered book in my library: The Functions of the Executive, by Chester Barnard.
From my vantage point just inches from the treads, I could make out the dust-covered words "U.
While scientists debate how frequently such disturbances may occur -- researchers have tracked only a handful of comets once they exit the solar spotlight -- several astronomers call the new finding unexpected and believe it may boost efforts to uncover the detailed chemical composition of these icy, dust-covered enigmas.
He wrote some of his best poems about and for children, among them "Little Boy Blue," about a child who died, but whose dust-covered toys awaited his return.
Other scenes in the exhibit include dust-covered New Yorkers walking in the city after the towers collapsed, alongside smiling faces on the same street in 2006; firefighters in front of the remains of the towers next to an image of construction on the site this year; and the Pentagon with a gaping hole six days after it was struck, and today, appearing as if the attack had never occurred.