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Synonyms for dust-covered

covered with a layer of dust


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Reporters were escorted back to the site during the day, where children's toys, teacups and dust-covered mattresses could be seen amid the rubble.
A handful of tired-looking, dust-covered firemen coming out from the shaft told Xinhua that they descended into the pit only to find 20 bodies.
Summary: Weary and frustrated, the women had been lined up for days in their dust-covered cars waiting to fill up at Tripoli's women-only gas station.
The 12 pictures show a host of different facets of life in the Valleys, from groups of dust-covered miners to a child playing in a cemetery and a couple getting married against a backdrop of smoking chimneys.
Six of the filthy, dust-covered vehicles have racked up more than Dh14,000 in unpaid fines, Gulf News found out.
Dust-covered Anna Zizi was singing as she was pulled free yesterday by Mexican firefighters from the wreckage of the main Roman Catholic Cathedral in Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince, according to charity Christian Aid.
not as something that was partial and dust-covered - well, it was dust-covered - but as something that we could actually use.
DUST-covered Birming-ham firefighters have won a partial victory against a waste transfer station which is pollut-ing their lives.
Natalia, the victim of child abuse in the sacred church premises, was a frail, dust-covered bundle of skin and bones in a dirty, tattered frock, undernourished and famished.
My mother was due to pay a visit and despite having had 40-odd years to get used to my quirky ways, she doesn't seem to get as much pleasure from drawing funny pictures in dust-covered furniture as I do.
Along with his colleagues, he helped their guests and other dust-covered New Yorkers through the trauma of the attacks.
Psalm 119:16 (Good News Translation) A young boy found a dust-covered book on a high shelf.
My favorite, perhaps, is another Hartford, 1980: A man wearing only shorts sands a ceiling of claustrophobic lowness, his gesture reflected in a dust-covered polygonal mirror set on a radiator behind him.
The storms) can make the planet completely dust-covered and you can't see anything on it.