dust wrapper

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a paper jacket for a book

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If you collect Waviana, you may want a copy with a dust wrapper.
He now owns a first edition copy of every Biggles book published since 1942, all in their original, unclipped dust wrappers showing their original price.
If it is a very nice copy in the original cloth in a fine dust wrapper, it would be considered a modern first edition, but if the dust wrapper was missing and the book was fairly tattered, or if the covers were gone and it was bound in full leather, we understood it to be an antiquarian book.
In 2002, an autographed book, complete with dust wrapper, sold for EUR250,000.
Hard cover, dust wrapper, 271pp, some b&w photos.
Sadly, these cute snaps have been used to create the boards of the book which cry out for a black linen binding much more in keeping with the subtle photographs on the dust wrapper.
With the original dust wrapper, the regular copies make over pounds 1,000 at present.
In good condition, complete with dust wrappers, they are always worth something and still show signs of continuing to increase in price.
Missing dust wrappers, loose bindings, bumped corners, scribbles, chipped spines and tobacco smells will reduce a potentially valuable volume to being worthless.
Post-war football books are easier to find, because they have been generally produced in much larger print runs on better quality paper with dust wrappers.
In good condition with dust wrappers, they will be worth good money and show signs of continuing to increase in value.
Key novels were published in fine dust wrappers designed by her sister, Vanessa Bell.