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a dry swab for dusting floors

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An optional dust mop and magnetic bar for the removal of nails and dangerous debris are also available.
The nurse then stated to Davis, ```Why use that one (referring to the dust mop in her hand) when you can use the other one on top instead?
Besides cleaning with a dust mop every day, our surface has to be cleaned with a chemical solution twice a month," says Anthony Cordova, national sales advisor for Sport Court.
Litter pickings, dusting ledges/railings/skirting, mopping floors, sweeping floor/ground surfaces, cleaning walls, lift sweeping, lift washing external/internal parts, dust mop usage, graffiti removal, keeping chutes clear, unblocking and cleaning chutes, cleaning hoppers and surrounds, cleaning chute shutter, emptying litter bins/insert new bags, scrubbed litter bins, bin chambers and bins cleaning, removing bulk refuse, rotating refuse containers, emptying dog bins/insert new bag, scrubbing dog fouling bins, scrubbing pressure washing/chemical cleaning, shampooing/cleaning carpets, vacuum, stripping floors, polishing floors, buffing floors, washing: doors, screens, estate signs, external ledges railings, walls.
Melody by Esseplast is targeting an upscale niche with wood-cleaning products, including a dust mop and push broom, that feature solid wood handles and natural bristles.
Readers Susan Popovich and Robert Mills sent us an idea for a handy alternative: electrostatic Pledge dust mop refills ($2 for a package of 10 at a home center).
Contract Awarded for Supply ofMop head Cotton Blended Yarn Dust Mop - 5" x 60", White; Launderable cotton/synthetic blend with polyester backing provides superior performance and durability.
Jim Krzeminski, senior vice president of product development, sales and marketing, noted that CatchALL "does the work of a broom, dustpan and dust mop in one pass so consumers can skip the precleaning step.
NexGen eliminates the need for a dust mop, an auto-scrubber, and a burnishing machine," says the joint venture's president Victor Thomas.
Although it won't pick up grit, use a dust mop between vacuuming sessions.
NEW YORK-First the Swiffer came to battle traditional dust mop manufacturers, and now there is an onslaught: Consumer products companies are attacking the housewares industry with lower-priced, usually disposable goods in categories such as stick goods, food storage and cookware.
The Swivel-Matic Dust Mop by Rubbermaid features a swiveling head that rotates 360 degrees to better get into tight floor areas.
The broom captured less than 14% of dog allergens and the dust mop less than 28%(1).
The Dust All works like a dust mop, but is equipped with a disposable, electrostatically charged cleaning cloth.