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a paper jacket for a book

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If you have a married set, you're OK unless the dust jacket changed from one print run to the next.
The more social readers among us have a complaint with electronic readers like the Kindle, the Nook, and the pad: the book's dust jacket is no longer visible to passersby.
It's a hardback copy of Michael Bond's book published by William Collins in 1958 and is in very good condition apart from a couple of small tears to the dust jacket.
A FIRST edition of a DH Lawrence novel is expected to sell for more than EUR28,000 because of its dust jacket.
The copy of 'Down And Out In Paris And London', which is complete with a dust jacket, had a pre-sale guide price of 2,500-3,500 pounds, and it was bought by a private client at Gorringes Auction House in Lewes, East Sussex.
The importance of the dust jacket as an advertisement and a surface for the display of design and art was underappreciated.
Be sure to notice the dust jacket of this book reverses to a secret cover when needed for any covert operations.
This copy of the novel is signed, which adds value for a collector, but lacks a dust jacket, which detracts from it.
His study is less naive than either the title or the dust jacket suggests.
Horror mavens Eli Roth and Quentin Tarantino signed on to blurb Tim Palen's new photography book "Guts," but their quotes couldn't run on the dust jacket.
Printed on high-quality glossy paper with a water-resistant dust jacket, Florida's Living Beaches describes beach features, animals, plants, and minerals at length, as well as items (and pollution
Be sure to read and explore every page, including the dust jacket, the title pages, and the author's biography; you will find witty little surprises everywhere.
The novel, which was reportedly still in its original dust jacket and has its owner's name and the bookseller's stamp inside the front cover, had been expected to fetch at least GBP10,000.
The handsome dust jacket features a picture of an inscribed pomegranate from the eighth century B.
95 for a single copy of a 40-page hardcover 8" x 10" book, including custom dust jacket.