dust jacket

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a paper jacket for a book

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Fitzgerald was in the middle of writing The Great Gatsby when he was first shown the dust jacket art.
You can walk down the "street" and pass readers--and the dust jackets of the books are in plain sight.
His books are now available in electronic form, and obviously are in demand by collectors (a first US edition of Captain Bloodin dust jacket was listed on a rare books site for $8500 USD in 2010).
The dust jacket had a little bit of wear and tear but, when you took it off, the book was in mint condition," he revealed.
The lack of a dust jacket may not matter hugely for a book of modest value like this one but can make a significant difference in some cases.
The book has an attractive full-color dust jacket and includes twelve full-color plus ninety-three black-and-white photographs.
The dust jacket features the famous Norman Rockwell painting entitled "Let's Give Him Enough and On Time," commissioned by the U.
The best painting is the one also used for the dust jacket showing the final kill made by Lt.
Four statements which appear on the back of the dust jacket of this book summarize its main contentions:
Although from the famous and beautiful dust jacket portrait by Houston Rogers our Dame Margot looks the picture of gentle innocence, she was, as Daneman demonstrates in contrast to the lady's own autobiography, no vestal virgin.
At her recent exhibition at Hotel in London, for instance, even the period fixture that illuminated the other objects--an Achille Castiglioni "Parentesi" lamp--was part of the work, as was the copy of the Princeton edition of the I Ching in its familiar gray dust jacket, lying nearby on the floor.
In the 1813 painting that serves as her book's striking dust jacket, an elegant D.
The people in these pages are as dull and as uninteresting as the dust jacket is bright and colourful.
It will indeed take some time, as Stephen Greenblatt observes in a remark printed on the dust jacket, for scholars fully to assimilate Knapp's claims about the theater's ministry to the spiritual problems of Reformation England.
Though the dust jacket offended us by Hailing it as "the best collection of sports-writing ever," it did carry the promise of something special: a word-for-word transcription of a conversation between the editor (Plimpton) and the great center of Lombardi's Packer team's, Bill Curry.