dust devil

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a miniature whirlwind strong enough to whip dust and leaves and litter into the air

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Paul said dust devils were commonly seen on beaches lifting sand, parasols and lilos.
Dust devils form when the sun heats the air just above the ground.
At the Dirt Devil exhibit, translucent Dust Devil and Dust Devil Deluxe cordless hand vacs were on display, as was the Vision family, which includes bagless uprights and two new models: the Vision Lite and bagless Vision Canister.
It was very hot and the air was still, except in the distance where I could see a dust devil -- a vortex of rising hot air currents -- moving slowly across the wide valley.
Erlkonig, Slenderman, Dust Devil, Spring-Heeled Jack.
Because the density of Mars" atmosphere is so low, even a high velocity dust devil is unlikely to knock you over,' says the University of Arizona team which posted the video.
I watched a dust devil muster, twist taller and taller in slow
Unlike the pursuit of monster Midwestern tornadoes, which can have two-by-fours and cows flying around in 500-kilometer-per-hour winds, dust devil studies don't have much excitement in the chase.
After a dust devil cleaned Spirit's dust-laden solar panels on March 9-10, the vehicle is near the summit of Husband Hill in the Columbia Hills and is investigating sulfur-rich deposits and outcrops.
Birdine had been banned from speaking with reporters since Oklahoma arrived last Monday after he stirred up a dust devil just before Christmas by calling USC quarterback Matt Leinart ``overrated'' and that two of the running backs in this game, Reggie Bush and Adrian Peterson, were more worthy of the Heisman Trophy.
The Met Office at Bracknell recorded the Force 6 gust which they described as a dust devil.
The Broom Vac Extra, as well as the Dust Devil and Dust Devil Deluxe hand vacs, feature see-through dirt containers and are available in "more attractive and appealing colors," such as red and blue.
A beautiful piece of filmmaking that runs like a dust devil across the playa, it brings the story and importance of Burning Man to light.
Los Angeles, Apr 6 ( ANI ): NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter last month snapped a dust devil - 12 miles high - thundering across the surface of the red planet.